Why Choose LuvitWigs.com?

Yvonne McGuckin Blossom Wigs Owner of LuvitWigsLuvitWigs Oshawa Canada Storefront
We're a Canadian owned and operated online store specializing in hair loss solutions due to Cancer, Chemotherapy, Thinning hair, and Alopecia. We are run out of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, and are serving all of Canada.


LuvitWigs.com was created by BlossomWigs owner, Yvonne McGuckin and partner Ryan Prendergast. With a strong passion for helping those in need during this difficult time, we wanted to help reach more people. We know purchasing a medical wig can seem daunting, and we're aiming to make sure it isn't harder than it already is. By choosing us, we're going to do our damned best to make sure you're more than taken care of. We'll always treat you in a timely manner with respect, care, and most importantly - kindness. Our dream is to see Luvitwigs.com grow into a community where everyone can share their experiences and help eachother.


If you have a suggestion of what you'd like to see - let us know! LuvitWigs.com is built for you.